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Astrology Meditation Mashup: Embodying Your Sacred Triad (4 Week Program)

We've all had days where we wonder something to the effect of, "What am I doing with my life?" or “Am I truly living up to my full potential?”

Both of these questions tie to a longing of self-discovery and personal development. Astrology can be a useful tool for healing along that journey and partnered with the benefits of meditation, this four-week program will help you learn how to connect with your own soul's path. It will give you the space you need to reflect on who you are and what kind of life you want to create for yourself—and then do it!

This offering is for you if…

  • You have a desire to see the world from a spiritual perspective and would like to deepen your understanding of your soul’s path.

  • You are interested in getting to know yourself…really, really well.

  • You’re curious to uncover components of your personality that may be preventing you from living a truly authentic life.

  • You feel lost or confused on your spiritual path and you desire greater connection to the Universe.

  • You’re tired of feeling out of control and want to take back a sense of mastery over your mind and emotions.

  • Whatever you’re doing right now, you know it’s not working. It’s not resonating with who you are, or you feel stagnant and unable to move forward.

If this is you, complete the form to sign up and start your personalized program!

Want a little more info? Keep reading.

Over the four weeks, you will learn how to connect with your soul's path through meditation and your personal astrological awareness. Embodying your sacred triad will catapult you to a deeper understanding of who you authentically are.

You may be wondering, ‘what is a Sacred Triad’?

If you’ve heard of the ‘Big 3’ in Astrology (your sun sign, your moon sign, and your rising/Ascendant sign) that’s your Sacred Triad.

Each week you will receive a video lesson of the topic and an audio meditation to further dive into your personal identity.

Week 1: Sun Sign Exploration & Embodiment Meditation

Week 2: Moon Sign & Embodiment Meditation

Week 3: Rising aka Ascendant Sign & Embodiment Meditation

Week 4: Soul’s Path & Embodiment Meditation

Each week also includes a companion workbook with exercises for your continued empowered embodiment and space to reflect on your discovery.

For the remainder of 2022 this service will be offered at an exchange of $108 (+gst).

If you are ready to shake things up with a mashup of astrology and meditation to deeper understand yourself as you were born to be, complete the form and let’s get started!

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